Let's Get Organized in 2022!

Anna Smith

January 6, 2022

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(This article first appeared in the January/February 2022 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine)

Organizing with our co-workers is the only way we can strengthen our union. As 2021 came to a close, together we have signed up over 25,000 new members!

After coming out of a turbulent year in 2020, we made great strides in organizing at every level of the APWU. As we enter 2022, we cannot let that momentum die. Take a moment to enjoy the success of increasing our strength, but let’s not let it stop us from organizing the unorganized.

Be on the watch for upcoming organizing events and drives to help keep our momentum going as we take on 2022.

Union power by being an informed, involved and active Member

As every member prepares to express their voice and vote on the new Tentative Agreement (TA), our nonmember co-workers will have an opportunity to become members and express their voice by voting on the TA as well. I encourage each of you to be informed and involved – review the TA, attend the union town halls, ask your co-workers and leaders questions. Most us have heard co-workers discuss improvements they want in our contract with the Postal Service, now is the time to have that conversation and get those co-workers involved in the process. Whatever your position is, speak up. One vote can make a difference, and if you are passionate about your position, let your co-workers know and encourage them to vote as well.

Printable Membership Cards

As has been done, APWU membership cards will be mailed out at beginning of the year to every member on the rolls. The Organization Department will still have a limited number of blank cards available for locals and states to offer to new members who join throughout the year. However, members can now print their membership card at any time by visiting the Members Only section of apwu.org.

Membership Involvement

Our union is only as strong as the members who participate in it. To be effective, and have power on the workroom floor and in our communities, the members must be active participants in the union. Since offering new members the chance to get involved on the membership applications, we have captured thousands of new members who have volunteered from the start. But we need every member actively involved. In the Members Only section of the website, members can learn how to get involved in the organizing activities that interest them most.

The options available to choose from at this time include:

Outreach – representing the APWU at events and meetings, etc.
Welcoming New Members – orientations, organizing, etc.
Work Place Safety – daily huddles, weekly talks, safety captain, etc.
Community Involvement – speaking with neighbors, family and friends about issues
Transportation – getting people to and from events, meetings, etc.
Bilingual – please specify other language known
Social Media Skills – creating websites, computer skills, data entry, etc.
Local Involvement – annual picnics, membership events, union hall assistance, etc.

If you have other ways you can contribute that aren’t listed, please send an email to Organization@apwu.org and we will be sure to pass that info on to your local or state for you.

Local Contact Info

On a regular basis, the Organization Dept. receives inquiries from members who need representation but are not sure who they should contact. The contact info for the Local or State union that represents you can be found in the Members Only section of the website, under “MY LOCAL”. Here you will find not only the Local Name, but the full address, union office phone number, fax number (if one is available) as well as your elected officers.

Above are just a few of the tools available to you on the Members Only section of apwu.org. You have a wealth of information at your fingertips. Should you have any issues logging in, do not hesitate to reach out.

APWU Live with the President

Join us for the next APWU Live with the President! Recordings of past APWU Lives are available to view at apwu.org/live and youtube.com/apwucommunications.

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