Direct Deposit Allotments and Net-to-Bank Transactions Online Again Through LiteBlue/PostalEase

April 21, 2023

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APWU Industrial Relations Director, Charlie Cash, has been notified that tonight (April 21, 2023) at 9 pm central time (7 pm pacific, 8 pm Mountain, 10 pm Eastern), employees will, once again, have access to Direct Deposit allotments and net-to-bank transaction again online through LiteBlue/PostalEase.

eOPF is still disabled as this time.

Here is the message from Postal Headquarters:

“Effective tomorrow, we are re-activating our employees ability to make allotment and net-to-bank changes in PostalEASE via Liteblue.”

“To date, the following actions have been taken to continue to safeguard our employee information:”

  • Established MFA for all Lite Blue applications including the Self-Service Profile

    • Continued monitoring and reporting of fake liteblue websites

    • Automatic password reset for anyone observed interacting with a known fake site

    • Strict configurations and controls on the MFA application

  • New device/new location blocks login

  • Impossible travel, example login from CA and another from FL within an impossible travel timeframe

  • Known blocks for international IP address attempts

    • Developed algorithms to determine patterns of fraud and prevent automated bot attacks

    • Delivered Stand Up Talk with best practices for interacting with websites on the internet?


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