Mark Dimondstein overwhelmingly reelected APWU President

Entire APWU Solidarity Team prevails

October 6, 2022

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APWU President Mark Dimondstein was elected to a fourth term as votes in the APWU National Officer Elections were tallied on Oct. 6. Also re-elected were Legislative and Political Director Judy Beard, and Retirees Department Director Nancy Olumekor. Human Relations Department Director Daleo Freeman was elected to a first full-term.

Yared Wonde will become the new Southern Region Coordinator and Arrion Brown will become the new Support Services Division Director.

Election results are not official until verified by the American Arbitration Association (AAA). Unofficial results for all races are printed below. Certified results are expected in the next several days and will be posted on and in the next issue of The American Postal Worker.

"I am honored by the strong vote of confidence from APWU members for my re-election and the election of every APWU Solidarity Team member,” said APWU President Mark Dimondstein. “As candidates, we proudly ran a campaign focused on our collective accomplishments and our vision for the future of our great union.”

“I congratulate all those officers who were re-elected and welcome those who are newly-elected,” Dimondstein added. “Now that the election is behind us, let us all unite in APWU solidarity to continue building union power as we face the many opportunities and challenges to come.”

General and Departments

Mark Dimondstein* 17,768
John L. Marcotte 8,258
Legislative/Political Director
Judy Beard* 17,723
Thomas Benson 8,172


Human Relations Director
Daleo Freeman* 17,942
Doris Simmons 7,824

Regional Coordinator

Southern Regional Coordinator
Sam Wood 1,833
Yared Wonde* 2,081

Clerk Craft

National Business Agents, Southern Region, Atlanta Region, (C)
Keenan D. Anthony, Sr. 309
Sandra Munoz Hernandez* 773
William G. Flanagan, Jr. 310
National Business Agents, Southern Region, Dallas Region, (C)
Diann Scurlark* 362
Alex Aleman 255
Ben Martinez


National Business Agents, Central Region, Cincinnati Region, (A)
Michael D. Schmid* 479
Mark E. Graham 273
National Business Agents, Central Region, Minneapolis Region, (B)
Gregory Becker* 346
Christopher Mark Hendrickson 223
National Business Agents, Northeast Region, New England Region, (A)
Bill Mazurowski* 663
Thomas S. Smith 102
Scott Adams 334
National Business Agents, Western Region, San Francisco Region, (A)
Sonia E. Canchola* 834
Charquita Rainey 490
National Business Agents, Western Region, San Francisco Region, (C)
Eric A. Van Dyke 563
Fabiola Dominguez* 584
Terry L. Hood 173


Motor Vehicle Services Division

National Business Agents, Central Region
Mark Krueger 202
Dave Cook* 212
National Business Agents, Eastern Region
Garrett C. Langley* 193
Brian R. McLaurin 56
Raymond J. Scanlon 84
National Business Agents, Northeast Region
Stephen D. Mohan 176
Rick White* 295

Support Services Division

Support Services Director
Robin “Robbie” Robertson 74
Arrion Brown* 142
Aaron T. Young 43

Retirees Department

Retirees Department Director
Nancy E. Olumekor* 6663
Robert L. Jeffrey, Jr. 2194
Southern Region RNC Delegate
Patricia A. McGriff* 1139
Kim H. Guy 788

Uncontested National Officers

General and Administrative Officers

Executive Vice President 

Debby Szeredy (I), Mid-Hudson New York Area Local (NY)


Elizabeth “Liz” Powell (I), Western Nassau New York Area Local (NY)

Industrial Relations Director

Charles “Charlie” Cash (I), Buffalo Local (NY)

Organization Director

Anna Smith (I), Portland Oregon Area Local (OR)

Research and Education Director

Joyce B. Robinson (I), Richmond Area Local (VA)

Health Plan Director

Sarah Jane Rodriguez (I), Phoenix Metro Area Local (AZ)


Regional Coordinators

Central Region

Sharyn M. Stone (I), Indianapolis Area Local (IN)

Eastern Region 

AJ Jones (I), Eastern Montgomery County PA Area Local (PA)

Northeast Region

Tiffany Foster (I), New York Metro Area Postal Union (NY)

Western Region

Omar M. Gonzalez (I), Greater Los Angeles Area Local (CA)


Clerk Division


Lamont A. Brooks (I), The Northern Virginia Area Local (VA)

Assistant Director (A)

Sam Lisenbe (I), Fort Worth Area Local (TX)

Assistant Director, (B)

Lynn Pallas-Barber (I), 498-499 Area Local (MI)

National Business Agents, Central Region

Chicago Region, (A)

Linda Turney (I), Schaumburg Local (IL)

Chicago Region, (B)

Devendra Rathore “D” (I), Fox Valley Local (IL)

Chicago Region, (C)

James Stevenson (I), Detroit District Area Local (MI)

Cincinnati Region, (B)

Michael W. Funk, Jr. (I), Greater Cincinnati Ohio Area Local (OH)

Minneapolis Region, (A)

Todd M. Elkerton (I), Saint Paul Area Local (MN)

St. Louis Region, (A)

Robert D. Kessler (I), Greater Kansas City Metro Area Local (MO)

St. Louis Region, (B)

Daniel F. Skemp (I), Rapid Area Local (IA)

Wichita Region, (A)

Ashley D. Cargill (I), Norman Local (OK)

National Business Agents, Eastern Region

Philadelphia Region, (A)

Robert Romanowski (I), New Jersey Shore Area Local (NJ)

Philadelphia Region, (B)

John Louis Jackson, Jr. (I), Philadelphia BMC Local (PA)

Philadelphia Region, (C)

Vincent A. Tarducci (I), Philadelphia BMC Local (PA)

Washington DC Region, (A)

Rachel A. Walthall (I), Baltimore Francis "Stu" Filbey Area Local (MD)

Washington DC Region, (B)

Pamela R. Richardson (I), Lynchburg Area Local (VA)

National Business Agents, Northeast Region

New England Region, (B)

Scott M. Hoffman, Boston Metro Area Local (MA)

New England Region, (C)

Thomas “Tom” O'Brien (I), South Shore Area Local (MA)

New York Region, (A)

Peter “Pete” Coradi (I), Brooklyn Local (NY)

New York Region, (B)

Elizabeth “Liz” Swigert (I), Queens Area Local (NY)

New York Region, (C)

Bernard “Bernie” C. Timmerman (I), Central New York Area Local (NY)
National Business Agents, Southern Region 

Atlanta Region, (A)

James “Jim” DeMauro (I), Tampa Area Local (FL)

Atlanta Region, (B)

Doris Orr-Richardson, Northeast Florida Area Local (FL)

Dallas Region, (A)

Jack Crawford (I), Houston Area Local (TX)

Dallas Region, (B)

Charles Tillman (I), Dallas Area Local (TX)

Memphis Region, (A)

Joe H. Jolley, Jr. (I), Nashville Area Local (TN)

Memphis Region, (B)

Pamela Smith (I), Birmingham Area Local (AL)

National Business Agents, Western Region

Denver Region, (A)

Lamont Green, Phoenix Metro Area Local (AZ)

Denver Region, (B)

Joseph M. Zamenick, Phoenix Metro Area Local (AZ)

Northwest Region, (A)

Brian Dunsmore (I), Portland Oregon Area Local (OR)

Northwest Region, (B)

Brian Dunn (I), Portland Oregon Area Local (OR)

San Francisco Region, (B)

Mike Hetticher, Eureka Local (CA)

San Francisco Region, (D)

Chuck Locke (I), Sacramento Area Local (CA)


Maintenance Division


Idowu Balogun (I), Greater Los Angeles Area Local (CA)

Assistant Director, (A)

Terry B. Martinez (I), Dallas Area Local (TX)

Assistant Director, (B)

Jason Treier (I), Lancaster Area Local (PA)

National Business Agents, Maintenance Division

Central Region, (A)

Craig Fisher (I), Tri-County Ohio Area Local (OH)

Central Region, (B)

Jeffrey Scott Beaton (I), Greater Kansas City Area Local (MO)

Central Region, (C)

Curtis Walker (I), Flint Michigan Area Local (MI)

Eastern Region

Kenneth Lester (I), Philadelphia PA Local (PA)

Northeast Region

Dave Sarnacki (I), Springfield Mass Area Local (MA)

Southern Region, (A)

John Gearhard (I), Jacksonville BMC Local (FL)

Southern Region, (B)

Carlos Paz (I), Dallas Area Local (TX) 

Western Region, (A)

Hector Baez (I), San Diego Area Local (CA)

Western Region, (B)

Louis M. Kingsley (I), California Area Local (CA)


Motor Vehicle Service Division


Michael O. Foster (I), Detroit District Area Local (MI)

Assistant Director

Kenneth (Ken) Prinz (I), Philadelphia PA Area Local (PA)

National Business Agents, Motor Vehicle Service Division

Southern Region, Southeast Sub-Region

Bruce E. Amey (I), Atlanta Metro Area Local (GA)

Southern Region, Southwest Sub-Region

Dyrike Shaw (I), Dallas Area Local (TX)

Western Region

Jerome A. Pittman (I), San Francisco Local (CA)


All-Craft National Business Agents

Alaskan Area

James M. Patarini (I), Midnight Sun Area Local (AK)

Caribbean Area 

Samuel A. Hernandez Algarin, Puerto Rico Area Local (PR)

Pacific Area

Rufina J. Pagaduan (I), Honolulu Local (HI)


Support Services Division

Support Services Division, National Business Agent

Orlando L. Anderson, St. Louis Gateway District Area Local (MO)


Retiree National Convention Delegates

Central Region

Paul Browning (I), Michigan Postal Workers Union Retiree Chapter (MI)

Eastern Region

Cynthia Nesmith, Philadelphia Area Local Retiree Chapter (PA)

Northeast Region

Leona Draper (I), Moe Biller/Eleanor Bailey Retiree Chapter (NY)

Western Region

Patricia Ann Williams (I), Greater Los Angeles Area Local 64 Retiree Chapter (CA)

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