Movement on Maintenance Craft Jobs Memo

February 1, 2012

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Finally, there is some movement in the Maintenance Craft on implementation of key provisions the 2010-2015 Collective Bargaining Agreement, Maintenance Craft Director Steve Raymer has announced.

On Feb. 1, 2012, President Cliff Guffey and postal management signed a Questions-and-Answers document regarding specific sections of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Maintenance Craft Jobs. The document does not address all outstanding items, but resolves items 1a, 1b, 1c, 2 and 3 of the Jobs Memo.

Under the terms of the Q-and-A document, the Postal Service must return custodial duties to stations, branches and other facilities of an independent installation no later than May 23, 2012.

The changes in the 2010 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) regarding contracting custodial duties were significant. Now, in order to contract out our custodial work, the USPS must add together all interior square and exterior square footage of the separate facilities and then apply the 18,000 square-foot formula. Put another way, if your main office is not contracted out, then none of the other facilities within your installation can be contracted out. Unfortunately, there will be no liability for the Postal Service’s delay in returning our work.

Regarding the return of 1,500 jobs at post offices where custodial work is currently contracted out, the Q-and-A document stipulates that these “duty assignments will be identified by March 31, 2012.” This is separate and apart from the return of work to the stations.

Furthermore, the terms of the Jobs MOU regarding the use of PSEs will be followed. After posting for the craft, if the Postal Service gets to the point where it must hire from the street, a PSE can be employed. This is also where the Preference Eligible Veteran rules will kick in.

Note: The additional duty assignment(s) and/or (depending on the amount of work returned) the manner in which existing duty assignments will cover the required scheduling and performance of custodial work is to be addressed by locals. Locals should start by obtaining the separate custodial staffing packages for each facility in the installation. The MS-47 must be adhered to.

The Help Desk at the Maintenance Technical Support Center (MTSC) in Norman, OK (not the training center) is also addressed. A minimum of 10 new duty assignments will be posted for ET-11s and ET-10s will also have an opportunity to volunteer for these jobs.

The document also stipulates that an Integrated Voice Recognition (IVR) system will be designed and installed. Discussion of implementation of the IVR will continue. The additional work for the ET-11 occupational group is certainly welcome.

The document also defines the use of the 5 percent of PSEs in Maintenance-capable offices.

While frustrations continue, this represents some long-awaited progress. I extend sincere thanks to President Guffey on behalf of the Maintenance Craft members for his efforts in finalizing this step forward.

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