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January 1, 2018

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(This article first appeared in the January-February 2018 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine) 

My Health eVet (MHV) is an award winning, comprehensive website provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). It offers veterans, active duty service members, their dependents and caregivers 24-hour, secure internet access to portions of their personal medical records. Authorized users can manage their VA benefits through the site, obtain trusted health information, and take advantage of an array of services and dashboard tools that empowers them to become active partners in their health care and wellness needs.

MHV also can also help expedite the dis- ability claim process by granting immediate access to most medical records that support individual claims. The wait time to obtain medical records can often be lengthy when requests are made by submitting VA Form 21-5345 (Request For and Authorization to Release Medical Records). Veterans and their advocates now have the ability to independently upload records and instantly submit them to the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) representative working on their claim – essentially cutting out the middle man and exhaustive wait times.

Accounts and Features

There are three types of accounts available through My Health eVet. Creating a basic account provides limited access to site features. Program users can self-enter personal information, select goals and track progress at this level. Advanced and Premium levels are only available to veterans and VA patients. Veterans are encouraged to register for a premium account to get the most benefit from the site. A premium account grants the highest level of access but requires authentication in order to protect the veteran’s personal information.

Blue Button – Access and download medical records online with the VA Blue Button. This feature also makes it easy to share personal civilian health records with your VA medical team.

Secure Messaging Center – Lets users communicate with their local VA hospital or doctor, ask questions about medical conditions, treatment options and lab test results. This feature should not be used in emergency, contact 911.

My Health eVet Email Updates – Helps registrants stay informed with email updates on managing their health. It provides information on diet and nutrition, resources for diseases and medical conditions (including upcoming treatment options) and shares VA news and updates from local VA medical centers. Users must use the opt-in to receive these updates.

Request Prescription Refills Online – Home delivery for medication refills is available for VA patient prescriptions via the VA Mail Order Pharmacy. There is also Rx delivery and tracker feature that is available with Advanced or Premium MHV patient portal accounts.

“Ask a Pharmacist” VA Mobile App – A new feature that provides VA patients access to trusted sources that can help answer questions about their VA medications, help them find a local VA pharmacy or doctor, and much more. To learn more about VA Health mobile apps, visit the VA App Store at

Schedule Doctors Appointment – At more than 100 VA Medical Centers (VAMCs) across the country, veterans are now able to request or schedule certain types of appointments online through My Health eVet. The new feature enables individuals with VA health care benefits to schedule routine check-ups and doctor appointments at participating VA facilities and clinics where they have had a primary care appointment in the last two years. The MHV appointment calendar also allows users to set appointment reminders, view their appointment history and cancel or reschedule a VA health exam. Patients can also send messages to request an appointment, track the status of those requests and receive messages about upcoming appointments. If your VA facility does not currently participate in online scheduling, the VA is working to expand access to additional medical centers.

To learn more or to register, visit Questions should be directed to the Help Desk. To contact My Health eVet by phone, call 877-327-0022.


-Human Relations Department 

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