Postal Legislation and the Need for Filibuster Reform

Judy Beard

July 9, 2021

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(This article first appeared in the July/August 2021 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine)

Since the last issue of The American Postal Worker, the Postal Service Reform Act of 2021 (H.R. 3076 &S. 1720) was introduced in the 117th Congress. This legislation presents an opportunity for Congress to provide pragmatic financial and operational changes to the United States Postal Service. The bill, if passed into law, will place USPS on the path toward financial stability by adding much-needed transparency to the Postal Service, enacting prospective Medicare integration, ensuring six-day delivery, and repealing the unfair pre-funding mandate.

The bill in the House of Representatives was marked up and passed out of the Oversight and Reform Committee. At the time this magazine went to press, the bill still needed to advance through the remaining committees of jurisdiction, Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce, before it can be voted on by the full House. The Senate companion bill was introduced with 20 original cosponsors (10 Democrats and 10 Republicans). It will need to pass through committees of jurisdiction before a full Senate vote. For more information on postal reform, click here.

Postal Improvement Act

On May 11, 2021, Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY-12), the Chairwoman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, along with the Subcommittee on National Security Chairman Rep. Stephen F. Lynch (D-MA-08), and Committee Member Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-MI-14), introduced the Postal Service Improvement Act (H.R. 3077). If signed into law, this legislation would:

  • Require USPS to place a trackable barcode on all election ballots.
  • Ensure the inclusion of the Official Election Mail Logo on all election mail.
  • Support board of elections nationwide and voters to track mail-in ballots.
  • Provide 12 weeks of paid parental leave for Postal Service employees.
  • Provide USPS with $8 billion in funding to replace its old delivery fleet with electric vehicles and charging stations for both postal and consumer use.

Abolish the Filibuster Now

Due to the archaic filibuster – which allows for a minority in the Senate to block the will of the people – crucial pro-worker, pro-Postal Service legislation may never come before the full Senate for a vote. The filibuster has stood in the way of racial justice, workers’ rights, voting rights, and more for far too long. The APWU firmly supports abolishing the filibuster so our government can finally advance the agenda of America’s working class.

We have lobbied for bipartisan support on our postal issues and will continue to do so. However, in looking at the broader picture and issues that affect our families, communities, and working people everywhere, when progress is threatened by our elected officials we must press for change. By abolishing the undemocratic, often racist, filibuster we can work to secure concrete victories for workers across the country and the protect the people’s public Postal Service.

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