Postal Service Implements New Organizational Structure For Employees Working in Dock Areas

January 19, 2021

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The Postal Service recently notified the APWU of its plan to separate Logistics from Mail Processing and Maintenance.

As a result, all Expeditors and Ramp Clerks will report to a designated Logistics management official. In addition, a January 12 Stand Up Talk was to inform these employees that unique finance numbers were “created for each newly stablished Logistics operation”.

The Postal Service also developed a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), among which included responses that craft designations and pay levels of affected bargaining unit employees would not change and other contractual issues such as overtime, holiday scheduling, and leave administration would not be affected. Also, Locals are cautioned to check their Dues Checkoff (DCO) lists to ensure that proper distribution of union dues has not been affected as a result of these changes in finance numbers.

Clerk Craft Director Lamont Brooks and Motor Vehicle Director Michael Foster have scheduled a meeting with the appropriate management officials to further discuss the ramifications of this action. Members will be updated as soon as possible of the results of the meeting.

Included with this update are copies of the Postal Service’s notifications to the APWU, the Stand-Up Talk, and the FAQs.

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