Remaining Level 6 Mailing Requirements Clerks Upgraded to Level 7

April 23, 2021

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APWU Clerk Craft Director Lamont Brooks signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Postal Service that upgraded the known remaining Level 6 Mailing Requirements Clerks (MRC) to Level 7. The MOU, dated April 20, 2021, identified four (4) Level 6 MRC duty assignments by Job Identification number – one in Charleston, SC, one in Fort Worth, TX, and two in Houston, TX – that were entitled to be upgraded to Level 7. 

The MOU, which is on a one-time, non-precedent-setting basis, further explains that the current incumbents in these four duty assignments will be awarded the Level 7 assignments and placed into them without having to bid. The placement will be accomplished as soon as administratively possible. In addition, the parties agreed, “following the placement of the current incumbents into the Grade 7 duty assignments, the Grade 6 position (P9-06, Occupation Code 2345-0300) will be considered obsolete”.

Director Brooks sent a copy of the MOU to all Clerk Craft National Business Agents for dissemination and asked for assistance in identifying if there are any other Level 6 MRC clerks throughout the country who may have been missed. A complete copy of the MOU is included with this update.


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