A Reminder on How to Stay Safe Working with Suspicious Mail

September 15, 2017

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Industrial Relations Director Vance Zimmerman reminds APWU members to be aware of the USPS safety procedures when handling suspicious mail:

“Every day, every postal employee who works with the mail needs to make sure they are vigilant to the potential risks involved. Do not forget that the mail has been used for criminal purposes in the past and could be used for these purposes in the future. Postal workers should be regularly reminded that the USPS has well-established policies and procedures for dealing with suspicious mail.

“Here are some useful resources for handling the mail safely:

  • Poster 84 gives some examples of what should be considered as a ‘suspicious package.’
  • Poster 205-A from the Postal Service details what you should do in case you come across a suspicious item.
  • Publication 167-B is the required response the Postal Service must follow in the event of a suspicious package or powder.

“These materials are good reminders on how to handle suspicious mail properly and safely. If you find yourself in a situation where there was a situation where your supervisors and managers are not following the correct protocol please reach out to the Regional Safety and Health Representative for your area to address the issue.”

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