Residual Vacancies, PSE Conversions in MVS

January 27, 2015

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According to USPS statistics, approximately 320 Motor Vehicle Craft employees have been converted to career status as a result of residual vacancies since a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Filling Residual Vacancies was signed in March 2014 and a set of Questions and Answers on the issue was signed by the union and management in May 2014.

The MOU and Questions and Answers have been instrumental in resolving disputes in the field, but our work is not done. We believe there are a substantial number of residual vacancies still to be identified and many conversions of Postal Support Employees still to occur.

Recently, the USPS identified 216 MVS residual vacancies nationwide, including 56 in PVS and 160 in VMF. Residual vacancies can be reviewed on APWU website. [PDF] [Excel spreadsheet]

Locals must verify management’s records regarding residual vacancies for accuracy. By now, each site should have their own system for tracking and monitoring these vacancies. Vacancies identified on USPS-provided lists should be filled immediately, either by converting PSEs to career status or by applying language in Article 39.2.11 of the contract, which says, “If there is no PSE in the same occupational group and grade, the residual vacancy shall be filled by other means.”

Locals that have not monitored residual vacancies or PSE conversions should start now. You can request copies of Webcoin reports; review the jobs that are posted in the annual bidding process, and research jobs that senior employees can identify as assignments that were previously occupied by full-time regular employees but were never properly abolished or reverted.

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