Serving the Country in Trying Times

July 1, 2020

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(This article first appeared in the July/August 2020 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine)

These are trying times for Americans across this country. We are still in the middle of a pandemic crisis which has had a major impact on the financial status of the United States Postal Service. It is a fact that the pandemic has had an economic impact on the Postal Service, yet the White House refuses to approve stimulus money so that the organization can continue to provide essential services to the American public.

It is more important than ever for every postal worker to contact their representatives and Senators and request that they pass legislation to provide the Postal Service with stimulus money. We must work with our local businesses, community organizations and religious leaders so they can help educate the public on the impact the Postal Service has on every community.

While in the middle of this pandemic and economic crisis, the President appointed a new Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, who assumed the position in June. His prior history reveals that he has not been friendly to unions, so we anticipate an uphill battle with the new administration. Another issue across America is the fight to allow states to provide a vote by mail option for the November General Election. A vast majority of Americans want to be able to vote by mail. While we are in the middle of this pandemic, it would seem logical to implement plans to vote this way in every state. This is yet another initiative that the President refuses to accept. Not only would this initiative help with the pandemic situation, it would help the Postal Service with its financial struggles.

Fighting Against Oppression and Injustice

While we have ever-changing events that affect the Postal Service, in America we have an issue that has been going on for centuries: the struggle of oppression and injustice across this nation. The latest injustice was the murder of George Floyd at the hands of four policemen that occurred in my home city of Minneapolis, MN.

Mr. Floyd’s senseless death inspired members of all races to take to the streets in protest of his death and lobby for necessary changes in a system that is broken. It is unfortunate that the protests got out of control and led to rioting, vandalism, looting, burning of businesses, and even deaths. I was saddened to see the destruction of the area in which I grew up, although I understand and have the same frustration with this unjust system.

I also observed the good in the community as people walked around the area with brooms, garbage bags and tools to help board up broken windows to start the healing process. I also observed postal buildings that had been burned to the ground. As has always been true of postal employees, they are there when people need them.

Through rain, snow, sleet, hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, and pandemics postal employees go above and beyond. The photo in this article shows a message from postal employees written on the bricks of a post office that partially burnt to the ground during the protests. Postal employees know they have support from their communities, and now is the time for their voice to be heard.

Enter Your Information and click to Call Your Senators Now

The Postal Service is in a crisis, caused by the Coronavirus, and Congress needs to act, urgently.

The Coronavirus shutdown is plummeting postal revenues while increasing costs. The Postal Service could run out of money soon and the new Postmaster General is already using the crisis to slow down mail/package sorting and delivery. Rather than allowing our Postal Service to slow as service is cut service, Congress must provide support.

Call your Senators urgently. Tell them to support at least $25 billion in stimulus funding for our public Postal Service. Dial (844) 402-1001 or use this form.


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