Stop the Shutdown!

January 22, 2019

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The United States is in the midst of the longest government shutdown – with 800,000 government employees locked out of their jobs. Thousands are currently forced to work without pay. Make no mistake: federal employees’ pay is being held hostage as the White House and Congress lock horns over federal funding.

President Mark Dimondstein is asking APWU members to contact their Senators, telling them that they shouldn’t use federal employees’ pay as a bargaining tool over policy issues.

The House of Representatives has legislation, H.R. 268, that would open the federal government. APWU urges its members to contact their Senators, by calling the APWU Legislative Department hotline: 844-402-1001. Please contact you Senators - and encourage your fellow APWU members to do the same - and urge them to support the continuing appropriations bill H.R. 268.

Ask them to support a bipartisan plan to end the shutdown, sending federal employees back to work, serving the people of this country as they do with pride.

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