Support Your AFL-CIO Central Labor Councils and AFL-CIO State Federations

March 1, 2018

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(This article first appeared in the March-April 2018 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine)  

By Secretary-Treasurer Liz Powell 

Central Labor Councils (CLCs) and State Federations play an intricate and necessary part in the labor movement’s effort to ensure that policies pertaining to the economy, education, health care and other issues, benefit working families.

Working together through them, members of different unions support one another’s organizing campaigns and contract bargaining. They engage union members in developing and promoting an agenda for good, secure jobs; health and safety; adequate investments in the needs of working families, such as education, health care, and retirement security; and against job-killing proposals like the privatization of government services.

These issues are all important to APWU members. Supporting your AFL-CIO Central Labor Councils and AFL-CIO State Federations provides opportunities to voice issues that affect postal workers among allies in a labor conducive environment.

Affiliation in state federations and local labor councils has always been a topic of concern for some locals, specifically the cost. Recognizing the financial aspect is why delegates to the 18th Biennial APWU National Convention adopted a resolution to refund 50 percent of the cost of affiliation to APWU local and state organizations that pay full per capita to the state federations. It is time for our member unions to do what is right.

Affiliating with the State Federations and Central Labor Councils is essential in our continuous fight to protect our jobs and keep the public Postal Service, one of the oldest institutions our customers have grown to depend on. The support of our brothers and sisters in other unions has and will continue to be a vital part of our success into the future.

Times are tough and local budgets are tight. However, during these difficult times, having dependable allies in the labor movement at your side is necessary in order to be successful. Whatever your union needs – whether it be to assist with marching, protesting, petitioning legislators, making phone calls, etc. – all of these tasks stretch local resources.

The success of the Stop Staples campaign is an excellent blueprint for locals to follow. Alliances with the AFL-CIO and other allies were crucial components in obtaining our victory. Together, we create a powerful voice for future challenges on issues that are important for working families.

2018 National Convention “Fighting Today for a Better Tomorrow”

The 24th Biennial National Convention will be held in Pittsburgh, PA on Aug. 20-23, 2018.

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