Travel Delay Settlement

September 23, 2012

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Maintenance Craft officers have settled a grievance on the pay for employees who are delayed while traveling, Maintenance Division Director Steve Raymer has announced.

In accordance with Article 36.2.C of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, “All travel for job-related training will be considered compensable work hours.”

The dispute in Case #Q00C-4Q-C 04025449 arose due to a disagreement on how to handle travel pay when an unexpected delay requires an overnight stay at a hotel. This typically occurs when employees are selected for training at NCED in Norman OK.

Under the terms of Article 36.2, employees on travel should be in a pay status from “portal to portal,” from the time they leave their homes until they check in at the housing facility at NCED or other lodging. When employees check into lodging, they are off the clock.

The same standard applies to en-route delays. Delayed employees who must check into overnight lodging go off the clock when they check in and go back on the clock when they check out.

It should be noted that when travel delays do not involve overnight lodging, employees remain on the clock.

Any grievances held pending the outcome of this national dispute are released for resolution or arbitration as necessary.

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