USPS Districts Currently Under Phase 2 Of the National Reassessment Process

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The Postal Service continues to implement Phase 2 of the National Reassessment Process (NRP) in USPS Districts across the country. There is no set schedule that establishes a date when a particular District will begin Phase 2.

Every USPS District should have already implemented Phase 1 of the NRP, which is the “information-gathering” phase. When a District completes this initial phase, they contact Postal Service Headquarters to seek approval to move forward into Phase 2, which is the “interview and decision-making phase.”

If USPS Headquarters agrees that a District has successfully completed all of the requirements of Phase 1, they will validate the completion of Phase 1 and authorize that District to begin the implementation of Phase 2. The Postal Service will then notify the APWU national office that Phase 2 implementation has been approved for that District.

The Postal Service has informed the APWU that they do not expect more than three Districts in a USPS Area to be in Phase 2 of the NRP at the same time.

Additional information regarding the NRP can be found on this Web site under “USPS Unleashes National Reassessment Process (Phases 1 & 2)” and “USPS Reassessment Process (Background).”

USPS Districts that have been approved for the implementation of Phase 2:

(List updated Jan. 25, 2009)

USPS District

Date of Implementation

Columbus Early February, 2010
Atlanta Late January, 2010
Louisiana Late December, 2009
Capital Early October 2009
Albany Mid-September 2009
Detroit Mid-September 2009
Mid-America Mid-September 2009
Triboro Late September 2009
Richmond Early October 2009
Connecticut Valley Early October 2009
Appalachian Late June 2009
Bay Valley Late June 2009
New York Late June 2009
Houston Late July 2009
Portland Early April 2009
Hawkeye Late March 2009
Spokane Late March 2009
Chicago Early March 2009
Los Angeles Early February 2009
Long Island Early February 2009
Mid-Carolina Early February 2009
Rio Grande Early February 2009
Alaska Jan-09
Alabama Late October 2008
Nevada–Sierra Late October 2008
Greensboro Early November 2008
Tennessee Early November 2008
Big Sky Early November 2008
Triboro Late October 2008
Northern Virginia Late October 2008
Sacramento Late September 2008
Pittsburgh Early October 2008
Santa Ana Early October 2008
Dallas Early October 2008
Central Florida Late September 2008
Northland Late September 2008
Greater Indiana Mid-September 2008
Arizona Mid-September 2008
Southeast Michigan Mid-September 2008
Kentuckiana Early September 2008
Sierra Coastal Early August 2008
Colorado/Wyoming Late July 2008
Maine Early July 2008
Central Illinois Mid-June 2008
Greater South Carolina Mid-June 2008
Albuquerque Mid-June 2008
Albany Mid-June 2008
Greater Michigan Mid-May 2008
North Florida Mid-May 2008
San Francisco Late April 2008
Southeast New England Late April 2008
Mississippi Late May 2008
Central New Jersey Late May 2008
Detroit Late March 2008
Suncoast Mid-March 2008
Massachusetts Early March 2008
Central Plains Early March 2008
Gateway LateFebruary2008
Fort Worth Late February 2008
Erie Late December 2007
Richmond Late December 2007
Northern Illinois Mid-November 2007
Oklahoma City Early November 2007
Baltimore Oct. 22, 2007
Connecticut Oct. 10, 2007
South Jersey Oct. 10, 2007
Northern Jersey Oct. 5, 2007
South Florida Sept. 28, 2007
Cincinnati Aug. 1, 2007
Caribbean 9-Jul-07
Honolulu 9-Jul-07
Boston 28-Jun-07
Mid-America 24-May-07
San Diego Mid-May 2007
(offices not in NRP pilot)
South Georgia Mid-May 2007
Westchester Late April 2007
Salt Lake City Late April 2007
New Hampshire/Vermont 13-Mar-07
Dakotas 8-Mar-07


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