USPS Proposed Revisions to ELM Sections 512, 513 and 515 Appealed to Arbitration

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The APWU has appealed to national-level arbitration an Article 19 Notification concerning USPS proposed changes to ELM subchapters 512, 513 and 515. The proposed revisions to subchapters 512 and 513 involve completion of PS Form 3971 through the Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) and the Enterprise Resource Management System (eRMD). Proposed changes to Chapter 515 involve the forwarding of documentation related to a request for FMLA tot he FMLA Coordinator. The APWU's position is that Article 10, Section 2.A. of the CBA prohibits changes to ELM Chapter 510 that affect wages, hours or working conditions for the life of the Agreement.

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