Pay Information for Employees Covered by the National Postal Professional Nurses Agreement

Under the NPPN 2017-2023 Collective Bargaining Agreement, the nurses have received the following increases based on the change of the ECI from Quarter 2 for each relevant year.


•           Effective August 19, 2017 (PP18-2017), 2.4 percent increase.

•           Effective August 18, 2018 (PP18-2018), 2.9 percent increase.

•           Effective August 17, 2019 (PP18-2019), 3.0 percent increase.

•           Effective August 15, 2020 (PP18-2020), 2.9 percent increase.       


The next opportunity for a general increase under the NPPN 2017-2023 CBA will be determined following the release of the Employment Cost Index for June 2021. 


•           Effective August 14, 2021 (PP18-2021), any upward percent change in the 2nd Quarter 2021 over the 2nd Quarter 2020 Employment Cost Index.

•           Effective August 13, 2022 (PP18-2022), any upward percent change in the 2nd Quarter 2022 over the 2nd Quarter 2021 Employment Cost Index.


For purposes of calculating percentage increases the NPPN CBA uses the Employment Cost Index (ECI) for wages and salaries for private industry workers, not seasonally adjusted, December 2005 [Q4] = 100.


Any increase is effective at the beginning of the second full pay period following the release of Q2 data. The usual release date is the last work day in July.  If for any reason the Bureau of Labor Statistics delays the release beyond the usual date, the effective date of any raise could also be delayed.

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