About the Support Services Division

The Support Services Division represents APWU bargaining unit members at Information Technology/ Accounting Service Centers, Operating Services facilities, Mail Equipment Shops and Material Distribution Centers, as well as professional nurses employed by the Postal Service.  The Division also includes APWU-represented workers who are employed in the private sector, including mail haul drivers and Mail Transport Equipment Service Center employees.

Latest News

May 24, 2023

How We Stop the Harassment

Greetings APWU family, I hope this article finds you well. While the Support Services Division has plenty of important...

April 14, 2023

10 Roads Express forced to reinstate union organizer after successful strike action

Drivers for USPS contractor, 10 Roads Express, in Peoria, IL, are celebrating the reinstatement of a union leader, who...

March 16, 2023

Contract Negotiations in the Year Ahead

Our collective bargaining agreements are the foundation of the relationship between APWU members and management. Our...

February 3, 2023

Columbus, OH 10 Roads Express Drivers Win Huge Union YES! Vote

10 Roads Express mail drivers in Columbus, OH have voted to join APWU by a blowout 57-21 margin. The ballots were...

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