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Postal workers, like all workers, deserve a job where we can show up, safely do our work, and clock out knowing that we put in a good day’s work. But a vicious cycle of toxic work culture and short staffing is hurting postal workers and the communities we serve. We are speaking up together to demand dignity and respect from postal management so that we can end the short-staffing crisis, stop toxic management practices, and keep delivering a strong public Postal Service.

Will you speak up too? Take a minute to record a video sharing how ending hostile workplaces in USPS facilities can help you deliver better services. 


*Please note that this is not a method for members to submit a workplace grievance, report toxic workplace issues, or report an illegal form of harassment/discrimination. To do so you must contact your local union representatives to discuss the issue and see what action can be taken. Please request union time through your supervisor or manager to meet with and discuss your issue with your local union official(s).

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