Energize! Mobilize! Organize! is the theme of the American Postal Workers Union’s 27th Biennial Convention, which is set for Monday, July 15 through Thursday, July 18, 2024, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at the Huntington Place Convention Center in Detroit, MI.

The National Convention is the union’s highest decision-making body and helps the union chart its course for the future. Approximately 2,000 APWU delegates will debate and vote on resolutions that will be introduced on a wide variety of subjects. The resolutions give focus to the union’s goals and help us better serve our members.

After three days of pre-conveniton workshops, meetings and craft conferences, the Convention begins on Monday, July 15 with the theme, "Energize! Mobilize! Organize!" (For more information on Convention Hotels and Transportation, visit the Convention Event Page)

Delegates Complete Work on Their Resolutions as the Convention Comes to a Close

On the fourth and final day of the APWU’s 27th Biennial National Convention, delegates resumed voting on the remaining committees’ resolutions, beginning with resolutions referred to the National Executive Board (NEB). Delegates adopted a resolution allowing National Business Agents to provide input on the selection of arbitrators in their respective regions. In addition, issues about language justice, such as translating the APWU website, collective bargaining agreement, and Joint Contract Interpretation Manual (JCIM) into Spanish were brought forth and supported by the body. 

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June 1 is the deadline for the submission of resolutions for publication in the Convention Book. Resolutions are accepted from local or state affiliates, local and state retiree chapters or from Members-at-Large (who are the only members permitted to submit resolutions under their own signature). Resolutions adopted at division meetings, either during an off-year or immediately prior to the National Convention, are also accepted.

Resolutions from local or state affiliates and local and state retiree chapters must be submitted electronically through a special link on the union’s website that will be accessible only to local/state/retiree chapter presidents and to local/state/retiree chapter secretaries, treasurers, and secretary-treasurers. There will be a box to check, certifying that the submitter is the authorized officer, which will serve as an electronic signature.

Members-at-Large must sign and submit their resolutions directly to the National Secretary-Treasurer prior to the June 1 deadline. Resolutions must be typed, double-spaced and submitted individually (one per page). Resolutions not properly certified electronically or signed will be returned.

Per Article 5, Section 3, of the APWU Constitution, the Secretary-Treasurer will submit the resolutions to the Screening Committee, which works to eliminate repetition and consolidate issues. Once the committee has completed its review, locals and pre-registered delegates will have an opportunity to view the resolutions on the APWU website.

Resolutions received after June 1 will be referred to the appropriate committees and will be presented at the National Convention as addendums, provided they have been properly authorized and signed, and provided they do not deal with subjects otherwise covered by the Screening Committee.

To achieve uniformity, it is requested that resolutions be structured as follows:

  • The name of the appropriate committee to review the resolution, e.g., Labor-Management Committee;
  • The article number and section of the Collective Bargaining Agreement or APWU Constitution and Bylaws the resolution addresses, if applicable;
  • The resolution title;
  • The names of the sponsoring locals, state organizations and/or Member-at-Large;
  • The body or text of the resolution itself.

A sample resolution format can be viewed online in the Member’s Only section.

In accordance with convention rules, additional resolutions may be presented at the National Convention, provided they have been properly authorized by locals, state organizations, or members-at-large.

You can find a copy of the resolutions here (Members Only log in required).

Downloadable Resources:

APWU Resolution Form (Fillable)

APWU Resolution Form Instructions

Resolution Archive

“We post the resolutions online to give union members and delegates the opportunity to discuss them in advance of the convention,” said APWU Secretary-Treasurer Liz Powell.

In addition, each delegate will receive a copy of the resolutions in book form, so they will be able to review each proposal as it is debated. The current 26th Biennial National Convention Resolutions book may be viewed online here.

In accordance with convention rules, additional resolutions may be presented at the National Convention, provided they have been properly authorized by locals, state organizations, or members-at-large.

A List of Labor-Management Resolutions adopted by convention delegates from 1968 through 2022 is available here. These resolutions will not be considered again (except via a motion for reconsideration).

Click here for more information on resolutions. 

July 19, 2024

Delegates Complete Their Work on Resolutions as the Convention Comes to a Close

Delegates Complete Their Work on Resolutions as the Convention Comes to a Close

July 18, 2024

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July 16, 2024

APWU's 27th Biennial Convention Begins; President Dimondstein Delivers State of the Union

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