Labor and Community Coalition Building

Getting Started With Community Organizing

We are all members of a community and as postal workers; the Constitutional freedoms we have should be both exercised and protected. There are some who seek to silence our voices. There are attacks being made on our rights to have a postal service for all the people. In today’s world big corporations, political lobbyists, conservative think tanks, and many of the rich (1%) want to privatize the over $64 billion dollar a year revenue maker, and stuff some of those monies into their own pockets by taking the service organization over and simply making it a cash cow for the rich investors. Our own managers of the Postal Service seem eager to turn their back on their employees and customers and piecemeal our work to other private corporations, slow down our prompt service, consolidate and close our facilities and post offices, and stop home delivery

It’s up to us to save the Postal Service. We have to protect the service that binds the country together. In short, we need to pursue justice and promote common good. Postal jobs are valued by our veterans, and we are supposed to be a government model employer for all. Postal jobs are union jobs which stand for living wages, good working conditions, rights and benefits that are deserving of all workers in all communities. The sad fact is that there are many jobs in our community that don’t provide these benefits. We have to protect these jobs and services for our community for our children and our grandchildren. We can act together to protect this agency that has good jobs and good service. It belongs to the people of this country. Our communities can make a difference. It will only happen with an active community coalition movement. We hope this booklet will help you get started building your community coalition.

We Are Connected to Our Community

  • If you are a Local President meet with the Executive Board on building a team to work on build a community coalition.
  • If you are a Local Member, Local Union Activist, Retiree, or Auxiliary Member go to your union meeting and volunteer to help get a community coalition started.
  • Our Members are already connected to many community organizations such as church, school, civil rights groups, other unions, organizations for Seniors, Veterans, and Youth groups. Ask them for help and if their organization is open to sending representatives to a coalition meeting.
  • Our members can play an enormous role in connecting and building a powerful force to help save the People’s Postal Service and community.

Postal issues affect everyone!

Community Organizing Resources

A collection of resources to help APWU members organize to build community coalitions

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