2021-2024 Tentative Agreement Available to Download from Website

February 7, 2022

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All ballots/ratification packets have been mailed to eligible voters. Non-members of the union have also been mailed a ratification packet and a ballot that includes a PS-Form 1187 to join the union. Any non-member who returns a ballot and a completed PS-Form 1187 will have their ballot counted. 

The 2021-2024 Tentative Agreement that was included in the ratification packet can now be viewed and downloaded here: 2021-2024 Tentative Agreement--Ratification Packet Version | American Postal Workers Union (apwu.org).

Upon ratification, a final print version will be jointly agreed to, reviewed, and proofread with the Postal Service. Once this process is completed official copies will be printed and an electronic version will be made available for download on the website. 

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The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), our union contract, covers all aspects of wages, benefits, hours and working conditions. We negotiate a good contract by joining together and using the power of each and every member. To continue growing our strength and negotiating power, join the union, and help your co-workers sign up today!

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