AFLAC Specified Health Event and Cancer Insurance

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AFLAC Specified Health Event and Cancer Insurance

To help union members protect their future against catastrophic illnesses, the APWU is pleased to offer Cancer Personal Indemnity and other Specified Health Event insurance coverage. These comprehensive, affordable benefits, made available through American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus (Aflac), are being offered exclusively to APWU members and their qualifying family members.

These benefits are designed to provide a financial safety net to members should they or a covered family member suffer a serious illness. Both plans will pay cash benefits directly to policy holders, regardless of any other insurance they may have. Members are able to review plan benefits, rates, and apply on-line.

AFLAC’s Cancer Personal Indemnity and Specified Health Event insurance policies offer multiple levels of coverage, with premiums for individuals, one-parent families, and two-parent families. The waiting period for coverage to begin has been waived. The premium for the Specified Health Event Plan is based on age at the time of policy effective date. As long as your policy remains in effect, your premium will not increase with age or terminate after 70.

Members should consider the following when trying to determine whether these plans could benefit them:

The American Cancer Society estimates the approximately one in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer during their lives.

The Centers for Disease Control reports that chronic diseases – such as heart disease, stroke, cancers, and diabetes are the leading cause of illness, disability, and death, and are the most costly of all health problems.

Families affected by a diagnosis of cancer or another serious medical condition often are devastated by lost wages, uncovered medical expenses, and related out-of-pocket costs at a time when financial hardship should be the least of their worries.

Information about these Aflac plans is available to all APWU local and state affiliates. APWU presidents may also schedule an explanation-of-benefits meeting for their membership. For more detailed benefit information, contact Mike Walker, Aflac agent for the APWU, at 877-Aflac-66.

The APWU encourages every member to consider the benefits these plans offer.

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