Can Level 4 Post Office Clerks Work in Your Office?

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The position description for the Level 4 Post Office Clerk [PDF] limits its use to Post Offices with fewer than 190 revenue units annually. The Level 4 Post Office Clerk qualification standard [PDF] repeats that same limitation.

What, you might ask, is a revenue unit? And, what size office has fewer than 190 revenue units annually? Please refer to USPS Pub 32, Glossary of Postal Terms [PDF], for the answer:

Revenue Units are defined at Page 102:

“The average amount of revenue per fiscal year from postal rates and also fees for 1,000 pieces of originating mail and special service transactions. The number of revenue units is used to categorize post offices by size. (Also see cost ascertainment grouping.)”

Cost Ascertainment Grouping (CAG) is then defined at Page 28:

“A method that classifies post officesaccording to volume of revenue generated. Each year, the Postal Bulletin publishes the number of revenue units for each classification. CAG A–G — offices with about 950 or more revenue units. CAG H–J — offices with about 190, but fewer than 950. CAG K — offices with about 36, but fewer than 190. CAG L — offices with about fewer than 36. Formerly, post offices were classified as first-, second-, third-, and fourth-class offices.”

Referring to the Postmaster position descriptions [PDF] we can learn this about revenue units:

Level 11 Post Office – Between 126 – 335 revenue units

Level 13 Post Office – Between 336 – 820 revenue units

Level 15 Post Office – Between 821 – 2075 revenue units

Level 16 Post Office – Between 821 – 2075 revenue units

Level 18 Post Office – Between 2076 – 5,500 revenue units

Level 20 Post Office – Between 5,501 – 13,000 revenue units

Level 21 Post Office – Between 13,001 – 26,000 revenue units

Clearly, the level 4 Post Office Clerk can only work in the very smallest Level 11 Post Offices and those part-time Post Offices below Level 11.

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