Do You Know Someone Who Needs a Job?

October 19, 2014

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If you’ve got family members or friends who are looking for work, you may want to encourage them to apply for new positions that are being created as a result of a recent APWU arbitration win, says President Mark Dimondstein. The APWU’s victory will result in the creation of at least 9,000 new Clerk Craft jobs in small post offices.

The win will establish more than 6,000 new Level 6 non-career jobs in post offices that are open four days per day, which will be filled by Postal Support Employees (PSEs). In addition, a minimum of 3,000 new Level 6 career jobs will be established in post offices that are open six hours per day and in Level 18 offices. The jobs in six-hour offices and Level 18 offices will be filled with full-time employees. The union expects thousands of additional new career jobs to be created as the process unfolds.

Job-seekers must apply online at

About the Positions

Postal Support Employees (PSEs) are non-career employees who will receive appointments of up to 360 days. After a break in service of at least five-days, PSEs can be reappointed for additional 360-day terms. Level 6 PSEs currently earn $15.26 per hour. (PSEs also can be hired for other positions in the Clerk Craft, as well as in the Maintenance, and Motor Vehicle Crafts, and can perform duties including mail processing and distribution, retail services, expedited mail delivery, custodial work, and transportation, where salaries range from $12.54 to $16.57, depending on the position.) PSEs will be eligible for health insurance after one year of employment.

When to Apply

The Postal Service has started recruitment, so people who are interested should apply quickly. Each position is listed individually and job-seekers must apply for them individually. The posting period will often be brief. The USPS will only permit candidates to apply for posted positions, so conducting daily job searches on the Postal Service’s eCareer website at will be key to securing employment. Frequent searches are essential because hiring may be sporadic.

How to Search and Apply

Interested individuals can conduct online job searches to find desired positions. Searches can be narrowed by entering keywords, a city and state or zip code, or functional area. A “Notes on Search” link on the “Job Search” page provides helpful tips. (For example, by holding the “Control” key, applicants can search multiple states at one time. If searchers do not enter narrowing data in any field, all results should be displayed.) We recommend performing both narrowed and unrestricted searches.

To limit results to PSE positions, enter “PSE” or “Postal Support Employee” in the “Key Word” box. Unrestricted searches will produce lists that include career positions as well as other non-career positions.

Applications can be submitted online once an eCareer personal profile is created, simply by hitting the “Apply” button.

Creating a Profile

Job-seekers can create an eCareer profile on the USPS employment webpage. They will be asked to provide personal data, including their work experience for the past seven years, educational background, and eligibility for veterans’ preference. Applicants will be invited to submit a cover letter, a summary of accomplishments, references, and attachments. Once completed, the profile can be stored for future use. Applicants may be required to answer additional questions and submit additional documentation when applying for specific positions.


Most positions require applicants to take an exam. Depending on the requirements, assessments may be conducted online and/or at a nearby test facility. Generally, applicants must take tests within 14 days of receiving e-mailed scheduling information. Passing test scores remain valid for six years. Applicants who do not receive passing scores or who are dissatisfied with their score may retest every 120 days. The most recent score, even if it is lower, will be used for ranking.

Veterans Preference

Veterans without a disability rating who served in specific eras will be credited with an additional 5 points on their scores. Veterans with service-connected disability ratings will receive 10 extra points, making 110 the highest possible score.

The names of eligible applicants will be placed on hiring lists and selected in order of their score. Ten-point preference eligible veterans with at least a 30 percent service-connected disability rating who achieve a passing score (70 or better) should be placed at the top of all hiring lists. The USPS is obligated to hire veterans before civilians for specially-reserved positions, provided there are veterans on the hiring register. Federal law prohibits the Postal Service from discriminating against individuals with disabilities, and requires the USPS to make reasonable accommodations that enable individuals with disabilities to perform the core essential duties of a position.





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