Investing in Retail and the Customer Experience – Clerks Care

Lamont Brooks

July 9, 2021

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(This article first appeared in the July/August 2021 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine)

In an effort to offer more postal products and services and increase revenue, the Clerk Division has held several meetings with the Postal Service Retail Operations under the Retail Taskforce MOU. Our mutual goal is to generate revenue opportunities. We are currently unable to share the specific details; however, have created a joint Retail Focus Group involving retail clerks recommended by local officers. They are currently working on retail training opportunities. As our discussions progress, President Mark Dimondstein and Clerk Craft Director Lamont Brooks will keep the membership informed.

Retail Investments will consist of modernizing our existing retail network so customers have access to “new” postal products and services.

Refreshing/Redesigning Retail Lobbies

  • Lobby of the Future
  • Line Queuing
  • Drop and Go
  • Dedicated Space Self Operating Post Office

Facility Upgrades

  • Repairs
  • Expansions
  • New facilities
  • eCommerce network

Investing in Employees

  • Updated Uniforms
  • Enhanced Training
  • Expert mailing and shipping consultants
  • Expanding Public Trust Services
  • USPS as Government Storefront
  • Accessorial Activities

Investing in Technology

  • Mobile Point of Sale devices – In March
  • 2021, the Postal Service began the decommissioning of mPOS devices. The Postal Service is looking into the possibility of purchasing and deploying 506 next generation mPOS devices for Peak 2021.
  • Biometric Identity Services (EBIS)
  • Language Translator Services
  • Self Service Kiosks (SSKs) Intelligent Parcel Acceptance (IPAs)
  • Informational Response APP (Tablet)
  • SSK Pre-paid Acceptance Scans
  • IPA Pre-paid Acceptance Scans – Proof of concept of utilizing Mobile In-Office scanners in conjunction with handheld printers to provide customers with a receipt for all prepaid acceptance transactions.

Grow Revenue at Retail Locations: Government Services

  • FBI IdHSC – Fingerprinting
  • FBI Identity History Summary Check (IdHSC) Program. Allows individuals to request a copy of their FBI background check for personal reasons, including: Adoption, Personal Review, Challenge a Record and Work, Travel and/or Live in a Foreign Country.
  • GSA USAccess Pilot – PIV Card Program provides federal government agencies with identity credential solutions. This shared service gives an efficient, economical and secure infrastructure to support agencies’ needs
  • GSA - In-person proofing (IPP)
  • Social Security Administration (SSA) IPP – USPS provides IPP to mySSA customers as an exception process for remote proofing or to customers who prefer in-person transactions
  • CA MV Pilot - Department of Motor Vehicle kiosk in USPS retail lobby
  • Passport Services

Grow Revenue at Retail Locations: Accessorial Activities

  • Package Wrapping Service
  • Stamps To Go /Mobile Pickup
  • Printing Services at Retail
  • Special Postmarking Services

Reinforce the USPS Brand to Provide a World-Class Customer Experience

Leverage training and development, build confidence in our employees to engage and retain customers.

  • Lobby Redesign
  • Open Concept Lobby
  • Self-Service Kiosks (SSK)
  • Line Queuing
  • Drop and Go
  • Retail Refresh Enhanced LSSA training

Key Next Steps

  • LSSA training launch
  • Major and minor renovations in 49 postal retail locations
  • Multi-functional tablet test to replace the mPOS device in 10 sites ends July 31, 2021
  • SSA uniform refresh

Technology Upgrades/Language Translator

Empower clerks to assist non-English speaking customers and pilot new Point of Sale technology that allows for full-service, self-service, employee assisted transactions. Over $4 billion committed to invest in our facilities, technology and employees to improve the customer experience.

Language Translator

  • 41 locations
  • Translates over 100 languages
  • Operates through mobile data
  • Provides audio and text for both the clerk and customer
  • Works from 10 feet away to maintain social distancing

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