EReassign - The Misconceptions

Lamont Brooks

May 7, 2021

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(This article first appeared in the May/June 2021 issue of the American Postal Worker magazine)

There still are misconceptions with the eReassign process in the field. The Clerk Craft MOU on filling residuals misleads employees to believe that they are bidding on a residual assignment. An application in eReassign is a request to transfer from one installation to another installation. The current contract requires to post the Clerk Craft residuals in eReassign based on the language and steps of the MOU. The MOU requires the conversion of our PSEs based on the transfer ratios of 1:4 and 1:6, depending of the size of the office. The ratios were reset on June 1, 2020 in the Q&A signed April 8, 2020.

Entering a Request

A transfer request is active for one year unless reached earlier. In larger installations a number of residuals can be posted each month. Some employees still believe that applying at midnight on the first of each month for a number of residuals will enhance their chance for a speedier transfer. The additional requests do nothing but clog the system. Applications can be extended for an additional year when you are within 90 days of the expiration date. If an application expires it cannot be reactivated or extended. The first live request should be controlling.

Location, Location, Location

When applying in eReassign be mindful of the area where you are requesting to reassign to. States like Florida, Arizona, California, and Texas have long lists of pending applicants. Requests are considered in the order they are received.

Once an applicant is approved and has accepted the reassignment, a minimum of 30 days’ notice to the losing installation should be provided. The time required to complete the transfer should not normally exceed 90 days.

Change of Craft Reassignments Requests within the Installation

The MOU on Filling Clerk Craft Residuals does permit employees from other crafts to request a reassignment to the Clerk Craft from within the installation per Paragraph 6(b). The Rural Carrier Craft is excluded from this opportunity based on the “Bridge MOU.” The other eligible craft employees are not permitted to apply through regular eReassign. They are required to submit a written request to their installation head. The date of the request has to be verified by the District and then entered into the list of pending applicants in regular eReassign. These requests are then comingled by their acceptance date and will be considered in the order received. When you change crafts, you assume the level and pay of the job for which you apply and are selected.

Seniority between the different crafts is established by the craft articles in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Accepted Clerk Craft reassignments begin a new period of seniority in the Clerk Craft. The Principles of Seniority found in Article 12.2 of the CBA do not provide any type of priority return to the Clerk Craft. Article 12.2.F provides only the seniority of an employee returning to the Clerk Craft within one year, and nothing more.

What is my status?

There are two status categories in regular eReassign: “On Hold” and “In Review.” “On Hold” is the designation when an eligible employee has submitted an application. You remain “On Hold” until something becomes available and you are reached on the list; then your status will change to “In Review.”

This question is asked all the time: “Why am I on hold?” It does not mean anything is holding; the process continues to move.

The residual vacancies that are posted in regular eReassign are all posted for a 21-day period. Remember, you are not bidding in eReassign – you are requesting a reassignment to another post office. Depending where you are on the list of pending applicants has bearing on what assignment you may end up with.

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