Motor Vehicle Service PSE Salary Exception Agreement Reached

March 23, 2017

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On March 10, the Union signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Postal Service that remedies the situation where Motor Vehicle Service Postal Support Employees (PSE) who had been granted a salary exception were converted to career status within the same craft but to a lower level and received a starting salary rate in accordance with the June 6, 2014 MOU “Re: Resolution of Postal Support Employee (PSE) Salary Exception Issues,”  and its April 3, 2015 addendum.

This MOU achieves the following:

  •          Restores the salary rate of Level 8 PSEs who were converted to a career Level 7 position within the Motor Vehicle Craft and subsequently forced to take the Level 7 salary rate;
  •          Upgrades the salary rate of any Level 7 MVS employee who is senior to the newly converted PSE but is receiving a lower salary rate;
  •          Preserves the principle of step progression
  •          Rescinds any Letter of Demand that was issued to a PSE receiving a higher rate of pay based on their salary exception after being converted to career
  •          Resolves national dispute HQTV20160071

The parties agree to address any issues as a result of this MOU, at the national level.

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