Corrections Continue on $56 Million Settlement

May 3, 2016

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The Postal Service has notified the APWU that approximately 200 corrections are outstanding from among more than 13,000 employees who were eligible for a portion of a $56 million monetary settlement of grievances protesting managerial personnel performing Clerk Craft duties in small offices. 

“Of the final corrections, we had about 200 that were kicked back,” management said on May 2. “We are getting those taken care of today and tomorrow.”

Employees who were identified for payment but received incorrect amounts do not have to do anything. The national union is monitoring the payments to ensure that the correct amounts are paid.

Employees can verify the amount they are due by clicking here and entering their Employee Identification Number (EIN).  Employees who were on the rolls as Part-Time Flexibles (PTFs) or who occupied Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) assignments in Level 15, 16, and 18 offices during the period from May 7, 2011, to Dec. 5, 2014, are eligible for a portion of the payout.  Each week employees were on the rolls during that timeframe counts as one share; each share is worth approximately $26.23.

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