Maintenance Selection System & Non-MSS Positions

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There are two categories of positions in the Maintenance Craft – MSS positions and Non-MSS positions — with a different application process for each category. The "pecking order" for filling positions is the same. (See JCIM, Article 38, Order for Filling Vacant Maintenance Positions).

Some common MSS positions are Building Maintenance Custodian, Maintenance Mechanic, MPE Mechanic, Building Equipment Mechanic, and Electronic Technician. Some common Non-MSS positions are Custodian, Laborer-Custodial, Elevator Operator, and Maintenance Support Clerk.

The MSS procedure was overhauled by a national-level agreement between the APWU and USPS, effective June 1, 2009. The new selection process, known as the Revamped Maintenance Selection System (RMSS), enables Maintenance Craft employees to establish eligibility for designated maintenance occupational groups and levels.

The revised Maintenance Selection System Handbook (EL-304) ensures the selection and promotion of qualified maintenance personnel, and the uniform application of qualification requirements for MSS positions. The revised MSS ranks eligible scores differently than they were under the prior MSS on in-craft Promotion Eligibility Registers (PERs).

The revised MSS consists of an on-line examination, Test 955, and Review Panel (also called a Structured Interview). Click here for additional information, including the agreements and changes to Article 38.

Occupational Groups covered by the revised MSS include the following:

Area Maintenance Specialist (level 8)

Area Maintenance Technician (level 9)

(level 8)

Building Equipment Mechanic (level 9)

Building Maintenance Custodian 
(level 5)

(level 8)

Electronic Technician
(Level 10)

Electronic Technician 
(Level 11)

Letter Box Mechanic (Shop) 
(level 8)

(level 8)

Maintenance Electrician
(level 8)

Maintenance Mechanic 
(level 6)

Maintenance Mechanic (level 7)

Maintenance Mechanic, Mail Processing Equipment (level 9)

(level 8)

(level 8)


(level 8).

Non-MSS positions (those not listed above) utilize different methods of application and qualification. The procedures outlined in Postal Bulletin 21770, dated Aug. 23, 1990, [PDF], govern eligibility for Non-MSS positions. (Postal Bulletin 21770 revised Handbook EL-311, Personnel Operations, Subchapter 520.)

In order to be considered qualified for custodial positions, new applicants must have successfully completed Test 916. The parties have reached agreement on the effect of suspending the Test 916 requirement through September 2010. Maintenance Support Clerks, Levels 6 and 7, must pass the simplified typing test, Test 714 (low option), and Test 710. Test 714 requires the applicant to demonstrate the ability to type 25 correct lines within 5 minutes. Test 710 covers clerical and verbal ability related to the type of work performed in a Maintenance Control office.

If there are any same- or lower-level positions in an installation, a PER will be created for MSS and non-MSS positions.

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