Union Files Dispute Over MVS Pay Irregularities

March 3, 2016

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The APWU filed a national-level dispute on Feb. 24, protesting pay anomalies that occur when Motor Vehicle Service Craft Postal Support Employees (PSEs) are converted to career positions.

The pay irregularities occur in situations where the Postal Service hires PSEs for Level 8 positions and issues “pay exceptions” that compensate the workers at rates higher than the rate outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. (Management issues the payroll exceptions – often unilaterally – because in some areas the Postal Service has had a difficult time recruiting and retaining workers for highly skilled Level 8 positions at the contractual rates.)

When the Level 8 PSE Tractor Trailer Operators who received pay exceptions are converted to career Level 7 Motor Vehicle Operators, where there are no pay exceptions, they suffer a significant drop in pay. “This is one example of why we should have an all-career workforce,” said MVS Craft Director Michael O. Foster.

The conversions have triggered other problems, he noted. Some employees have been listed as terminated and haven’t received paychecks; some have received Letters of Demand for amounts as high as $14,000 because of delays in adjusting their pay rates after they are converted, and Thrift Savings contributions have been reduced.

Previous Memorandums of Understanding on PSE issues haven’t addressed these concerns.

“We are hopeful that the resolution of this dispute will correct this problem,” Foster said.

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