Anna Smith

Organization Director

(202) 842-4227

1300 L Street NW
Washington DC 20005

The Organization Department helps strengthen the APWU at the local, state and national level by recruiting new members and increasing the membership in our union.

The Organization Director works with our union’s leadership at every level to create and maintain organizing materials that are an effective appeal to prospective members of all divisions and crafts. The department promotes, encourages, and advises membership committees in all the phases of local and national membership recruitment programs.

Additional activities of the Organization Department include:

  • The development and implementation of innovative training programs to best equip our organizers at the local, state and national level.
  • Monitor and evaluate our membership data to discover where our efforts are working and where to focus our resources to the greatest effect.
  • Work with all other department and divisions at the headquarters level to incorporate a comprehensive message of the full benefit of APWU membership.
  • Create new methods of streamlining our membership process with an emphasis on accuracy and lowering the workload on our locals.
  • Providing new tools to make organizing our membership easier, more accurate and effective for our local and state organizations.  

IT TAKES ALL OF US - The Union isn’t a 3rd Party

Organizing our membership is every member’s job all the time. The success of our organizing effort is dependent on local and state involvement. The Organization Department is committed to providing the tools for us to succeed but it is only with your help that we can reach our goal of maximum solidarity.  

I welcome all of our brothers and sisters to join in the organization effort and if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at (202) 842-4227.

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