APWU Supports Fair Benefits for America's Seniors

America's seniors have earned their benefits. The sad truth remains that, despite their contributions, over the years legislation has been signed into law that have placed an undue financial burden on older Americans and people with disabilities.

APWU supports expanding Medicare to  guarantee  the  right  of  healthcare   for   all   Americans.   Further,  America's   seniors   should   see   their  benefits expanded with fair increases to  Social Security benefits, Cost of Living Adjustments based on calculations which adequately takes into consideration the spending habits of seniors, and the repeal of predatory provisions which penalize those who paid their fair share into Social Security.

Legislation to Strengthen our Social Safety Net

Social Security Expansion Act

H.R. 1170, Sponsored by Rep. Peter DeFazio (OR-04)
S. 478, Sponsored by Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT)

  • Lifts the earnings cap on Social Security taxes, subjecting all income over $250,000, which would result in extending the solvency of Social Security.
  • Low-income earners would see an increase of their

Social Security benefits by $1,300 a year.

  • Cost-of-Living Adjustments would be calculated by using the Consumer Price Index for the Elderly (CPI-E), which more accurately reflects the spending habits of senior citizens and would yield a fairer cost of living increase than the current way of calculation.
  • Provides student benefits for those under the age of 22 who are children or survivors of disabled workers if the child is enrolled full-time in college.
  • Combine the Disability Insurance Trust Fund with the Old Age and Survivors Trust Fund.

Social Security Fairness Act

H.R. 141, Sponsored by Rep. Rodney Davis (IL-13)
S. 521, Sponsored by Sen. Sherrod Brown (OH)

  • Repeals the Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provisions.
  • The Government Pension Offset (GPO) reduces Social Security benefits to spouses or widows by two-thirds if they are currently receiving a retirement or disability pension based on prior employment, during which they did not pay into Social Security.
  • The Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) affects those who receive a pension from employment where they did not pay into Social Security but did qualify for Social Security benefits from other employment.
  • Unfairly, these two provisions produce undue hardship for those who have met the requirements for Social Security benefits but  are  nevertheless  penalized  for previous employment under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS).


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