APWU Urges Congress to Pass Landmark Voting Rights Legislation and Expand Voting Rights

The American Postal Workers Union proudly believes that every citizen can and should exercise their right to vote in every election. It is an outrage, then, that we presently have a patchwork of voting and election laws across the country that make voting difficult and confusing. 

The injustice and confusing nature of our voting and election system was made that much more clear this past year. In the midst of an election year and pandemic, millions of voters were able to exercise their right to vote by casting their ballots by mail. Vote-by-mail was previously not an option for many voters, but, because of the pandemic, some states made changes to voting laws and allowed voters to mail in their ballots instead. Even while states expanded vote-by-mail, some states put in place cumbersome rules, like requiring notarized ballots and witness signatures. 

Even though voting by mail became an option for millions of Americans, the fact that it was implemented so haphazardly is not right. We must standardize voting laws and make sure that Americans can confidently, safely, and easily exercise their right to vote. It’s time for Congress to pass the For the People Act (H.R. 1), which promises to protect and expand both our democracy and our voting rights.

Check out our factsheet to learn more about the For the People Act.


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