Ballot Measure Wins

We did it!

We helped elect a pro-worker, pro-Postal Service President. Across the country, we also helped pass progressive ballot measures and reject measures that would put wealthy individuals and corporations ahead of working families. Voters passed measures that raise the minimum wage to $15/hr, expand voting rights, provide paid family leave, increase funding for education, adopt green energy, and more.

Though there is still work ahead, we should be proud of our accomplishments:

  • In Arizona, voters passed Proposition 208, which will raise ~$827 million in education funding by increasing taxes on high-income earners.
  • California voters approved Proposition 17, which will allow people on parole to vote. 
  • Voters in Colorado approved Proposition 118, providing workers in the state 12 weeks of paid family leave and 16 weeks for the birth of a child. 
  • In Colorado, voters also protected the right to choose by rejecting a ban on most abortions at 22 weeks or later in pregnancy.
  • In Florida, voters approved Amendment 2, which will raise the state minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2026, helping lift 1.3 million Florida households out of poverty.
  • In Louisiana, voters rejected Amendment 5, which would’ve allowed local governments to give special property tax breaks to manufacturing corporations. This tax break wouldn’t have been available to other property owners.
  • In Nebraska and Utah, voters approved amendments that will strip language from their respective state constitutions that provides an exemption to the ban on slavery.
  • Nebraska voters also passed Initiative 428, which caps predatory payday lenders’ rates at 36 percent annually.
  • In Nevada, voters approved Question 6, which requires utility providers to secure 50% of their electricity from renewable resources by 2030.
  • Nevada voters also passed Question 2, codifying marriage equality in the state’s constitution.
  • In New Jersey, voters approved Question 1, legalizing marijuana. 
  • In Ohio, voters approved Issue 68, which will provide $870 million (over ten years) in funding for Cleveland Schools by raising property taxes.
  • In Oregon, voters passed Measure 110, decriminalizing possession of certain controlled substances and funding drug addiction treatment and recovery programs. Oregon is now the first state to decriminalize all drugs.