Our Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs) and annual increases are benefits of our current union contract. That contract expires in the fall of next year. Let's make our union even stronger by recruiting our non-members to be a part of the union.


Our online process has made joining the APWU easy for both non-members who want to join, and for the members looking to sign up their co-workers. Scan the QR code below to access online form 1187 to join the union.

2023 Organizing Drive QR Code

Why are we organizing?

How many opportunities in a day do you let pass by without organizing a non-member? Every day on the work room floor we talk to our coworkers, but do you know if that coworker you’re speaking with is a member?

We have an abundance of benefits provided by the years of negotiations between the APWU and the Postal Service. Many of our non-members look at the APWU as just a grievance machine, and have somehow convinced themselves that they have never needed the APWU, so why should they pay dues? We must take the opportunity to explain to them that, although they may receive their paycheck from the USPS, all of the contractual raises, step and cost-of-living-adjustment (COLA) increases exist because of negotiations by the APWU. The securing of COLAs are in addition to general wage increases.

Full-time career postal workers celebrate the $.48 per hour ($998.00 yearly) cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) increase seen in our paychecks dated Sept. 15. This is the fourth COLA increase under the current contract in which full-time career workers have accrued a total increase of $4,971.00 yearly! In addition, those employees not yet at top step receive union won Step Increases every 36-weeks.

We are calling upon you to help us collectively sign up as many new APWU members as possible at post offices across the country. If everyone reading this signs up just one person at their post office to become an APWU member, we would instantly double our membership!

If we weren’t unionized, everyone one of us would be nothing more than casual employees, lacking the benefits, wages, and working conditions that we enjoy today. .Make the commitment today and ask at least one non-member coworker to stand with you, and have a conversation about the benefits and importance of being in a union.If we work together, we can keep our union strong, and protect our families and our livelihoods for years to come.

How to Have an Organizing Conversation

  1. Introduce Yourself
    Let them know it’s an important conversation. Ask about a workplace issue.
  2. Identify Their Issues
    Ask about what’s important to them, what they hope for, what they’d like to change at work.
  3. Agitate and Educate
    Help them understand “who decides” or “who’s standing in the way” of workers getting what we need. Draw the  distinctions between our goals and those of management or politicians in the way.
  4. Hope: A Vision for Change
    Show your coworker how the union is our tool to win changes at work. We’ve made “who decides” do what we want them to do before. Share a story about a successful collective action in your workplace, a bargaining victory or a campaign you took part in.
  5. Call the Question
    “Are you ready to stand with us?” Ask them to join the union and get involved. We’re stronger together, with  everyone inside the union.