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Group A
Issues=ASM 535.112

Step 4 Settlement Agreement: Article 32; Subcontracting (1986)

April 10, 1986

Document Type: Step 4 Agreement

Craft: Maintenance

APWU National Grievance Number: H4T4FC5725, H4T4FC5726

Subcontracting, Handbooks and Manuals, ASM 535, ASM 535.112, Administrative Support Manual, contracting out, painting

Goldberg Roof Maintenance National Arbitration Decision

January 4, 2019

Arbitration Decision--Contracting out Roof Maintenance and Repair

Document Type: National Arbitration

Craft: Maintenance

Arbitrator Name: Stephen Goldberg

APWU National Grievance Number: HQTT20120245

sub-contracting, roof repair, Maintenance, sub-contracting maintenance work, Article 32, ASM 535.112