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Group A

RI-399 MOU, USPS-APWU-NALC, 7-19-87

July 14, 1987

A July 19, 1987, agreement between the USPS and APWU [PDF] further clarified the difference between “distribution” and “separation,” by defining “distribution” in belt operations 110-129 and 180-189. RI-399

Document Type: Memorandum of Understanding

Craft: Clerk

Regional Instruction 399, RI 399, RI-399, RI-399 Guidelines

USS Award Q15C4QJ19383448

May 24, 2022

Jurisdictional award on the Universal Sorting System

Document Type: National Arbitration

Craft: Clerk

Arbitrator Name: Joseph Sharnoff

USS, RI-399, Jurisdiction