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Group A


November 24, 2015

Recently the parties met in pre-arbitration discussions regarding the above referenced dispute. The interpretive issue in this dispute is whether the Postal Service is required to increase the complement of bid duty assignments in an installation...

Document Type: National Pre-Arbitration Settlement

Craft: Clerk


July 24, 2020

This interpretive dispute was referred to the national level by the Postal Service. The dispute involves the meaning of the sentence: "Every effort will be made to create desirable duty assignments from all available work hours for career...

Document Type: National Arbitration

Craft: Clerk

Arbitrator Name: Shyam Das


June 28, 2011

Postal Support Employee CPSE) 1. Do all terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Re: Noncareer Assistant (NCA) Employees apply to PSE's? ANSWER: Yes. The word PSE replaces Noncareer Assistant (NCA) wherever Noncareer Assistant or...

Document Type: Memorandum of Understanding

Craft: All Craft


October 6, 2011

NTFT's - Posting, Bidding and Assignments 1. May employees who were in a FT status at the signing of the agreement but have subsequently bid to a NTFT duty assignment of less than 40 hours or more than 44 hours per week, and thereafter...

Document Type: Question & Answer

Craft: All Craft


October 20, 2011

These questions and the responses thereto are not intended to alter, amend, or change in any way the terms of the 2010-2015 agreement. Article 1.6 settlement 1. What are the limits for Postmasters and/or second supervisors in Post Offices, level...

Document Type: Memorandum of Understanding

Craft: All Craft


December 2, 2020

MOUs RE: NTFT Employment

Document Type: APWU Contract

Craft: All Craft