Das Award - Notification of "Field Level" Subcontracting of Bargaining Unit Work

Notification of "Field Level" Subcontracting of Bargaining Unit Work

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In many cases, local unions are not notified of proposed subcontracting or management's intent to subcontract. Failure to provide advance notice deprives the Parties of the opportunity for
resolution prior to implementation.

The American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO proposes to amend Article 32.1.B to provide advance notice to the union at the local level when it is proposed to subcontract.

It is the Postal Service's position that, under the applicable language, notification is required only for a "Field level" decision to subcontract bargaining unit work. Consequently, under the language of Article 32.1.C, notification to the Union at the local level is not required for the decision made at the Local level to subcontract bargaining work. The Union's interpretation of the language of Article 32.1.C unnaturally expands the requirements for notification.

It is the APWU's position that Article 32, Section 1.C., requires notification to the local union of subcontracting of bargaining unit work at local installations. However, when subcontracting might have significant impact on bargaining unit work, pursuant to the notification requirements of Article 32, Section 1.8, the Postal Service is required to give notification to the Union at the national

GATS Number:  Q06C-4Q-C 08228294

Arbitrator Name: Shyam Das

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