The specific information listed in Article 37.3. E. Information on Notices, will be provided for postings regardless if the posting is generated manually, through HRSSC, or through any other method of posting. Future postings shall identify each of the items in Article 37.3. E and provide the specific and corresponding information for that item relevant to the posted duty assignment. In the case of qualification standards, the Postal Service must state any tests or training that is required for the position on the posting, but instead of placing all of the information in the qualification standards directly into the posting shall instead provide the specific qualification standard number and also the occupation code on the posting for employees to reference. For positions that have no national qualification standards and/or where there are special requirements, such information must be included in the body of the postings. 2. The relevant qualification standard and standard position description will be made available online and adjacent to the posting at the bidding employees' facility for the employees to reference and review.

Document Type:  Step 4 Agreement

APWU National Grievance Number:  HQTC20081

GATS Number:  Q06C-4Q-C 08152654

Craft:  Clerk

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