The issue in this grievance is whether a full-time regular employee, called in for work on his non scheduled day, is guaranteed eight (8) hours of work or pay in lieu thereof, if by virtue of working eight (8) hours the employee would be required to work over sixty (60) hours in the service week. During our discussion, we mutually agreed, as full and complete settlement of this case:
1. A full-time employee sent home upon reaching the sixty (60) hour limit after having worked a partial non scheduled, day is entitled to be paid for the eight (8) hour guarantee provided
in Article 8.8.B.
2. Accordingly, the grievant in this case shall be paid for four (4) hours at the time and one-half rate. This document contains two Article 8 related issues; a NALC Step 4 Agreement on Page 1 and a Step 4 Agreement on Page 2.

Document Type:  Step 4 Agreement

APWU National Grievance Number:  H4N1KC34118

Tags: Hours of Work , Overtime , penalty overtime , OT , POT , POP , Work Hour Guarantee , Guarantees , Work Hour Limitations , 60 Hour Rule , 60 Hour Limitation

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