Investing in Postal Infrastructure

In order to continue serving America, the Postal Service desperately needs investment in its infrastructure. 

Without significant new resources to upgrade its delivery fleet, facilities, and other infrastructure, USPS cannot maintain and grow the high-level of essential services the American people rely on from this vital public agency.

We must repeal the prefunding mandate and also make crucial financial investments in our public Postal Service. 

In the 116th Congress, H.R. 2 The Moving Forward Act was introduced and passed in the House and included $25 billion in infrastructure funding to modernize the Postal Service per the request of a bi-partisan Postal Board of Governors. Now, in the 117th Congress, we urge the introduction of a similar bill that includes the following postal provisions:

  • Replace USPS’ decaying fleet with a cost-effective, clean, and reliable electric fleet.
  • Provide electric vehicle charging stations for both consumers and the Postal Service’s new fleet.
  • Allow USPS to update its facilities, ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities.
  • Invest in eliminating USPS’s maintenance backlog.
  • Innovate in local communities and invest in revenue-generating ideas.


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