Make a Plan To Vote

Make a plan to vote

Election day is already here for millions of Americans. Thankfully, it’s not too late to make a plan to vote. APWU’s Labor 2020 campaign will make sure you have what you need to make your voice heard. With everything we cherish on the line, let us make sure we all exercise our civic responsibility.

Depending on your state, important election deadlines may have already passed or are coming up quickly. That’s why you must make a plan to vote as soon as possible. The coronavirus pandemic has changed so much about the way we vote. Though these changes can be confusing, the importance of having a voting plan in place has stayed the same.

Use this tool to start researching your state’s election rules and make your plan to vote now. That way, you can rest assured knowing you have a solid voting plan and that your ballot will be counted. Enter your information and find out the voting options and deadlines in your area.


Use this Form to Make your plan


Voting By Mail – Do Not Wait


Deadlines are upcoming in most states where it is required to request a mail-in ballot to do so. If your plan is to vote by mail, request your ballot NOW. You can fill out the form above to be connected to the right website to request it.

If you already have your ballot, mail it back ASAP. It is ideal for the peace of the country to have as many ballots counted before election night as possible. 

If you – or your family or friends – have any questions about voting by mail, click here for a quick Voting By Mail 101 Q&A.



You can find more resources about the 2020 Election, APWU endorsed candidates and how to volunteer for a phone bank or at the polls at APWU Labor 2020.

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