Headshot of APWU Motor Vehicle Service Division Director Michael Foster

Michael O. Foster

Director, MVS Division

(202) 842-4240

1300 L Street NW
Washington DC 20005

The Motor Vehicle Craft is composed of APWU members who transport mail and maintain postal vehicles.

It is — and always has been — the best-organized craft in the APWU. Approximately two thirds of MVS members are drivers and one-fifth are mechanics. The Motor Vehicle Craft also includes Driver Safety Instructors who train and familiarize all employees with driving duties and MVS Clerks who work in Vehicle Maintenance Facilities and in Transportation Departments in mail processing plants.

Michael O. Foster News Articles

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MVS Director Michael Foster addresses the resolved issues at the MVS General Session at the APWU All-Craft, including the Postal Vehicle Operator...

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The Motor Vehicle craft has received National level Arbitrator Brent’s ruling in case Q10C-4Q-C 4256800, interpreting the language from the MVS Jobs...

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Director Foster details MVS issues related to clearing house consent forms, driving safety, PSEs and medical releases.

PS Form 4533 MVS Schedule Still in Effect

The Postal Service provided instructions to field Postal Vehicle Service (PVS) management, which stated that every driver should receive a Form 4533...