e-Team Report, May 17, 2013

Legislative & Political Director Myke Reid Announces Retirement, Gary Kloepfer Accepts Director Position Postal Reform Bills Gain Co-Sponsors, More Support Needed One week left for ‘We the People’ Petition to White House

Privatizers Say: Contract Out Everything But Delivery

In January, a group of “postal industry thought leaders” published a paper that advocates contracting out all postal functions except delivery — a plan that is often referred to as “the last mile strategy.”  The paper, titled “Restructuring the U.S...

PMG’s Demands: Bad for Postal Workers

The Postmaster General and the USPS are lobbying Congress. What are they asking legislators to do? Reduce letter delivery to five days per week; Deny new hires a “defined benefit” retirement (pension) plan; Force injured workers into a poverty...