APWU POWER Caucus Held

At a caucus held after adjournment of  Monday’s  convention session, members and supporters of the APWU Post Office Women for Equal Rights (POWER) heard inspiring accounts from a number of sisters about their life experiences and paths to leadership...

OUR Walmart, Fast-Food Workers Inspire Convention Delegates

The Convention theme of 'Stand Up, Fight Back' was on display Tuesday and Wednesday when two of the most exciting labor struggles in the country honored the assembly with their presence.

Postal Banking: An Urgent Public Need

Nearly 150 Convention delegates attended the Postal Banking Forum on Wednesday after the convention adjourned. The session, moderated by Eastern Region Coordinator Mike Gallagher, included Denis Lemelin, president of the Canadian Union of Postal...

Clerk Craft Focuses on Resolutions, MOUs

The 2014 Clerk Craft Convention ended on Sunday, July 20 after two days of spirited debate. The delegates moved through 45 resolutions submitted by local and state organizations that were reviewed by the Clerk Craft Committee chaired by Elena White...

Support Services: Successful Negotiations

Prior to the start of the 2014 Bienniel Convention in Chicago, members of the Support Services Division discussed three successful contract negotiations in 2014.