Avian (Bird) Flu Safety and Health Information

The Postal Service has issued an updated "Safety Talk" covering the mailing of birds and avian flu. In addition, the following information is provided to give you further information and to address concerns regarding protecting yourself.

New FMLA Rules Effective January 16

The APWU has been meeting with the Postal Service regarding the implementation of changes to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) – changes the Bush Administration implemented just four days before President Bush leaves office. 

Mental Health Screening

The USPS offers free, anonymous mental health screening to all employees and their families. Screening for depression and alcoholism are done via telephone or the internet. People who use these services will be offered brief questionnaires that...

USPS Provided Incorrect Notification On FMLA Status to Employees

The Postal Service recently informed the APWU that it provided incorrect notification to 696 employees on a Designation Notice for FMLA Leave (Form WH-382) that was sent to them in late March.  

Frequently Asked Questions About The Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

EAP is a free, voluntary program available to postal employees and their families. It is intended to provide timely, quality, confidential assistance when it is needed.