Preserve Private-Sector Jobs in Southern Ohio

An APWU drive to organize several hundred workers at DHL’s ABX “hub” in southwestern Ohio has shifted gears: The APWU is now at the forefront of a community-based campaign to try to preserve approximately 7,000 jobs.

Two Wins, One Loss In Private-Sector Campaigns

APWU members ratified a “first contract” in late May for approximately 120 workers at the Cincinnati Mail Transportation Equipment Service Center. The workers at the private-sector MTESC operation are getting their first raise in six years.

Organizing at DHL Subsidiary: Activists In It for the Long Haul

APWU representatives and activist workers at ABX Air, a subsidiary of DHL, are settling in for a long campaign to organize approximately 3,000 ground workers at the global delivery company’s Wilmington, OH, plant.