The Importance of AFL-CIO Federation Affiliation

Affiliating with the AFL-CIO state federations and AFL-CIO Central Labor Councils isn’t just the right thing to do — it is essential in our fight to save the United States Postal Service and to protect our jobs. 

Stand Up for Your Rights

The lyrics from the famous tune by Bob Marley sum it all up: Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your rights! We must adopt these words as our marching orders if we are going to save the USPS from postal managers, members of Congress and the Wall Street...

Dues Rebate Checks to Locals and State Organizations

Each APWU local and state organizations receives its share of union dues from the national union every two weeks, along with a Dues Check-Off (DCO) list showing its members.

Who Do You Believe?

There is an expression, “Who do you believe – your lying eyes or me?” Well, APWU union representatives are accustomed to managers being less than honest about their actions during Labor-Management meetings and at various steps of the grievance...

Dues Check-Off Printout

The Dues Check-Off (DCO) printout — sent to each local and state union — is a list of members who are having dues withheld.